Entry #1

This is confusing

2010-04-04 21:45:46 by SolidShakeG0

I made an NG account after 9 years of sitting back and watching all the flashes and music. I have seen a lot of stuff on here. The birth of so many great artists.

well. now that i have made my account, i want to submit some stuff. i dont know how to do flash, i just draw in photoshop, i do some voice acting, i make songs etc. but for the life of me, i cannot find anything, anywhere to submit anything. and its really bugging me. The NG tutorials on here for uploading tell you WHAT to do, not HOW to do it.

so if anyone reads this, i would like some actual help. do you have to upgrade to a paying account or something. when i go to "my account" some of the stuff is grayed out, so idk.


thanks guys for helpin me out.



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2010-04-04 22:23:17

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